Years ago, DJs would prepare and practice with their vinyl records and turntables the mixes they would play for the crowd. Back and forth with their hands on the vinyl, they created a visual effect with the music that not everyone could create unless, of course, they were experts and trained in the art of mixing.

Then they began to buy the equipment that they needed to make that happen. Clothes like turntables, mixers, speakers, and lights. These were the beginning. Today, it’s all computer programs. DJ equipment is largely the same and there are a multitude of programs to choose from depending on the requirements of your event. To help you choose, here are some examples of DJ equipment at a glance:

If you need to learn more about what you need, you can puttering around on the Internet or reading up on DJ equipment reviews can be informative and help you choose easily.

Turntables: Turntables are largely divided into two types, direct drive and belt driven. The difference between the two is direct drive turntables have belts which can be undrawn while direct drive turntables can not. Indirect drive turntables also are generally vinylinated. The primary objective of turntables in the past was to provide scratching and beat mixing capabilities for vinyl records. Now, they are generally assembled with disco tools to provide light effects and plays like a turntable.

Mixers: The mixer is a gear meant to be connected to turntables, mixers and other DJ equipment. A mixer combines these audio sources. It is a gear that takes the input sound and reconciles it to a output. The mixer also adds compression, EQ, EQ, Hawkins,rama, and treble through filters. This is a must have for any DJ kit.

Speakers: Amplifiers and speakers, if used along with the mixer, are used to amplify the sound. This is a very important factor to take into consideration, as a small set up can be easily amplified.

Headphones: DJ headphones can be another option for a DJ to consider. You can choose from DJ headphones that are noise cancelling,alusian tipseyellowsonian tip dashboard, noise reduction, open headphones, semi-open, and also closed headphones.

Other DJ equipments: Turntables, mixers, speakers, and amps. The turntables are your basic DJ equipment. The mixer is modular so that you can add other DJ equipment as you have need of them. The speakers (if you will have more than one) are arranged to produce better sound quality. The amps are used to power speakers. If you want to add a little power to your speakers, you may consider the use of batteries. Consider what you will do with your DJ equipment when you are moving around with it as you DJ. Will you keep it static or will you use it wherever you go?Also, if you will be using your DJ equipment at night, you may want to consider building a PA system so that you can make your sound big.

CD Players: Pioneer and various other companies manufacture compact discs for the purpose of DJing. The discs play videos and songs that are stored in digital format. The songs are displayed as numbers or letters on the L and R levers. These numbers or letters can be chopped up in order to reduce the size of the file. This is helpful when you need to reduce the song in order to fit your selected file format on your specific CD.

In the past, tape cartridges were used to record and re record over an area of tape. With the invention of magnetic tapes and compact discs, this need not be an issue. Now, you can use a computer or a storage device to record over an area of tape. You will still need to create the digital files and associate them with the exact locations on the tape.

CD Players: You can also use compact discs with your CD changer. You will still need to create the digital files and place them with the exact locations on the devices. However, this option is a bit more complicated. You will still need to create the magnetic (for CDs) and absolute (for DVDs) master files. These files will be needed to convert the files into sound files. Also, you will still need to convert the files into Compact Disc Audio (CDA) and usually into mp3 files. Then these files will have to be stored in the compact disc media.

So the newly mentioned DJ equipments that I have mentioned are the most common and are in demand among the DJs in the field. However, there are other equipments that also come along with the DJs. I am talking about the equipments that help you run your business and also promote your business.



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