Becoming a full-time musician may sound like a pipe dream, but thanks to the Internet, more and more musicians can earn enough income to quit their day jobs and pursue their passion full-time. The opportunities have expanded since the days of lugging around CDs and waiting for gigs at coffee houses or bars. Today, musicians are finding new ways to promote themselves and sell more copies of their music, whether it’s through streaming or online sales.

Music is one of the world’s most popular pastimes, and many of us are at least amateur musicians. Whether you want to perform professionally or just as a hobby, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a full-fledged musician. Fortunately, there are many ways you can support yourself as a musician. Sometimes, finding a part-time gig to support yourself until you can make enough money as a pro might be what’s needed. In this article, we’ll discuss the jobs you need to consider if you want to pursue music as a career.

Tips On How To Become a Full Time Musician

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Being a successful musician is no easy task and requires hard work and dedication. Sometimes, however, the fame and fortune a musician hopes to gain can be more elusive than he realizes. While juggling a day job, spending time with family, and practicing music, musicians often neglect one of their most important responsibilities. But if you want to be a full-time musician, you need to put it into practice.

  • Being Disciplined

Being a musician is indeed not about “playing with fingers.” It is rather about being disciplined and meticulous, especially in dealing with time. Being a musician is a profession that involves a lot of sacrifices, dedication, and patience. It requires concentration and focus – the two things one needs to develop slowly. Generally speaking, musicians are eccentric people with a unique and distinct personality. They have a distinct and distinctive character from other people. They usually differ from others when it comes to their daily activities.

  • Time Management

One of the main things a full-time musician needs to keep on top of is time management. It isn’t easy to juggle all the aspects of life as a musician while juggling several jobs and trying to maintain a social life. Working full-time as a band member or musician isn’t easy, and musicians can benefit from expert time management advice.

  • Be Persistent

Being a musician is both exciting and frustrating. The workload can be overwhelming, from learning all the various instruments you need to master to booking gigs and dealing with other musicians. To make your time spent practicing, performing, and hanging out more enjoyable, you need to learn how to manage your time effectively

  • Management Your Money

One of the hardest challenges full-time musicians face is managing their money because most musicians aren’t as organized with their finances as they should be. Most of your income will come from musical gigs, commissions, and royalties when you are a musician. Of course, you will have expenses like rent, bills, and groceries. Managing your money effectively is very important as a full-time musician.

  • Set your Goals

Before starting as a full-time musician, you need to set defined goals. You should decide what kind of music you want to play, what your plans are for a music career, and how much money you are willing to earn. You also need to choose your listeners first. If you want to earn a lot of cash, then cater to those who like to listen to heavy music. If you want to play light music, then play for people who like to listen to soft music.

  • Try Signing Up To Record Label

When you fancy yourself a musician, there’s only one path to success: get signed to a major record label. That’s the only way to make money off your music, so you better be willing to move to a big city, learn the ropes, and sacrifice free time. But there are ways to make the transition to music full-time easier, so find these tips on becoming a full-time musician.

  • Prepare Everything You Need

The dream of most musicians is to quit their day job and rely solely on their music career. They either quit their day job or start giving music as their living. However, there are some musicians who start their career part-time at first and, after some time, become full-time musicians. If you are also looking forward to becoming a full-time musician, you must first prepare everything in advance.


In conclusion, music is a craft that requires you to invest years of practice and hard work. While it may be impossible to become an overnight sensation, the payoff is well worth the work.



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